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Worship Timetable July 2021


4th July           10:00am   Mr Ian Fletcher including Communion                                                              

11th July          10:00am   Mr Simon Peters

18th July         10:00am   Mrs Susan Knight

25th July         10:00am   Revd Bridget Banks, Moderator of Southern Synod

                                           All Age Service

Worship Timetable August 2021


1st August          10:00am   Mrs Susan Knight including Communion                                                              

8th August         10:00am   Mr Stuart Dew

15th August        10:00am   Mrs Susan Knight

22nd August       10:00am   Revd Bill Bowman

29th August        10:00am    TBC

All Age Service

Please remember if attending in person, there are restrictions with numbers due to social distancing, no singing and no lingering after the service.  Please respect these restrictions to enable us to keep everyone safe.  

Please note that the services will continue to be live-streamed on YouTube.