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Cultivating Hope: Junior Church Plants Sunflower Seeds, Remembers Ukraine

At Reigate Park Church's Junior Church, a heartwarming activity recently took place, bringing together children, creativity, and a sense of global connection. Last year, Junior Church decorated flower pots with their artistic touch, and now they were able to plant sunflower seeds in them. This joyful activity not only promises the anticipation of watching the seeds grow but also serves as a reminder of the people of Ukraine, fostering empathy and a spirit of solidarity. Let's delve into this delightful project and its profound impact on the young minds of Junior Church.

Did you know that plants teach us important life lessons? Just like our friendships and dreams, sunflowers need nurturing, patience, and lots of love to thrive. As we water them and give them sunlight, we learn the value of perseverance and the joy that comes from taking care of something precious. Our little sunflowers teach us how to be patient and watch them bloom into tall, vibrant beauties.

Beyond the excitement of growing sunflowers, we also remember the people of Ukraine, a country far away that holds a special place in our hearts. We learn about their culture, traditions, and the challenges they face. Through stories, artwork, and educational activities, we grow in understanding and develop empathy for our friends in Ukraine. We want them to know they are not alone; we stand with them!

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