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Going For Silver - Eco-church

Updated: Feb 4

The Eco-team have worked hard to achieve the A Rocha silver level for Eco-Church.

After studying and analysing what we had submitted to attain bronze level we looked at the progress we had made as a church since to make us greener. These are a few examples.

We studied the building section and the Quinquennial report and discovered we had more insulation than we had realised. Also glass has been replaced by a stronger, more insulated variety. Some of our toilets are twinned and we have water saving devices in our cisterns. Most light bulbs are eco-friendly.

We try to recycle as much as possible and have a communal recycling point in the foyer. We use Fairtrade products at coffee time and promote the use of such products to the Church family.

We do not have much land but what we have we have encouraged the growth of wild and insect friendly plants. We also have bird feeders, an insect hotel and a composter.

We have had a much greener focus in services and Junior Church is particularly focussed on the environment and our responsibility as Christians to care for the Earth. As a church we have become involved in the Woodhatch Green Spaces Preservation Group which is striving to turn an unused piece of land into a community orchard and church family members are helped sponsor and plant trees there.

All in all we are delighted to have achieved silver level in Eco-Church but know we still have a lot to do to get to gold and be as green as we can!

You can find out more about the A Rocha Eco-Church here:



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