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Dear Friends......

During the six weeks of Lent leading up to Easter I have been leading a Lent Course at Reigate Park where a group of us have been looking at Holy Habits: Following Jesus.

Holy Habits is an adventure in whole life Christian Discipleship that draws on Luke’s cameo of the early church in Acts 2: 42-47. It encourages the development and renewal of 10 key practices, or Holy Habits, that were modelled by Jesus and were formative for the earliest Christian communities. They remain foundational for healthy growth in discipleship today in both the gathered church context and the dispersed discipleship of day-by-day life at work, at home and in the community.

The 10 habits are:

1. Biblical teaching 6. Serving

2. Fellowship 7. Eating together

3. Breaking bread 8. Gladness and generosity

4. Prayer 9. Worship

5. Sharing resources 10. Making more disciples.

Each week followed a similar structure of gathering, reflection and response. A simple “worship centre” was created which gave focus on the material for that week.

As an example, in week 3 we had the Feeding of the Five Thousand from Luke 9: 12-17 as our text, so the “worship centre” was bread, cheese and grapes with a candle lit to represent Christ. During the session we shared the food, we looked at the bible passage to see what spoke to us and then reflected on what resources we as individuals had been blessed with and how we might be called to share these with others.

We then had some questions to think about and discuss as a group:

1. What does the story say about how your practice of breaking bread and eating together could be renewed or developed?

2. In what ways, other than Holy Communion, might you break bread?

3. Who are the physically hungry in your community? How might you share the resources you have (time, goods, money, etc.) to help them eat well?

So, as we move towards Easter, give thanks for and break a piece of bread before you eat your main meal of the day, and as you do so, hold before God in prayer those you know who are particularly in need at this time. And finally think how this affects you.

Lord, as we break bread and praise you, nourish our souls that we might live as broken, blessed, thankful and sharing people. Amen

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Taken from the April Edition of the Record

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