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Weekly News

Reigate Park Church

Weekly News - 28th September 2023

SUNDAY SERVICE Travelling together with Jesus in faith, hope and love. Reaching out with God's care and love for all.

This coming Sunday, our All Age morning service is being led by the RPC Elders and will include the Rededication of Junior Church Leaders & Helpers and conclude with Holy Communion. If you are joining us online, please have bread and wine or alternatives ready so that you can join us for Holy Communion

The reading from James changes our idea on Harvest from what we humans think it is i.e. food?

God sees us as his harvest, we come from a seed and grow and hopefully promote his love and care.

Youth workers are essential to this aim to expand the pool of God’s harvest.

As usual our service will start at 10am

Order of Service:

Notices Call to worship Hymn R&S 124 - We plough the fields and scatter Open Prayers and Lord’s Prayer - Andrew Sowton Reading - Genesis 8 15-22 Hymn R&S 123 - Think of a world without any flowers Talk - Where does it come from? – Dave Mercer Hymn CMP 23 - All things bright and beautiful Reading - The Planet Earth – Paula Sowton Climate Change – Dave Mercer Hymn R&S 39 - All Creatures of our God and King Reading - James 3 13–18 read by Helen Conway Re-Dedication of all those who work with our children and young people Reigate Park Church recognises and celebrates the important role children and young people play in our church family. We want to see them grow in faith, walking the way of Jesus. Re-dedication of Adults: Jesus has asked you to be disciples and to serve children and young people in this church. Do you renew your promises to serve the families here in this church, and provide leadership, as an expression of your love of Christ and your desire to share that love? Children and youth work team: I do Re-dedication of children and young people Do you love Jesus Christ and want to go on a journey of exploration to find out more about him? Children and Young people: I do Do you promise to help each other as you work, learn and play together? Children and Young people: I do Affirmation made by Church Family We are all walking the way of Jesus, we are all his disciples. We promise to pray for each other, for the children and young people and for those we have appointed to work with them. We promise to share and live out our faith as an example to each other, and to learn more about the God we serve with the children, young people and families in our midst. Holy Communion (The communion wine is non-alcoholic and there is rice cake and water on each tray as an alternative to the bread and wine) Prayers including Offertory Hymn R&S 678 - The Lords my shepherd. Blessing

There will be a retiring collection for our 2 Harvest charities, WaterAid & YMCA Sovereign Reigate, this Sunday and next week as well.

Please join us for tea, coffee and chat in the Hall after the service.

Lynne Skinner is leading worship at Redhill URC this Sunday. We send our love and best wishes with Lynne to all our friends at Redhill.

For our online viewers, here is the all important YouTube link:

Martin Skitt will be our Organist this week.

The flowers this Sunday have been provided by the Flower Fund and arranged by Bridget Band.

As our service this Sunday is an all age service there won't be any Junior Church activites - but check back next week to see what's happening.

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