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Dear Friends ...

Keats wrote that Autumn is a time of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Well, here we are in the Autumn again, a time when the earth displays its beauty in preparation for the long sleep of Winter. I, personally, enjoy nothing more than a stroll in the dappled sunlight shuffling and kicking through the fallen leaves, making them swoosh up in the air in a colourful arc! The air takes on a new crispness and I feel excited at the prospect of a change of season.

When I was teaching, this time of year was a time for a new start; new class, often new classroom and the opportunity to work with new colleagues that filled me with renewed energy and trepidation. I wonder how much more heightened these feelings must be among those still working in education after these strange and challenging months.

Life is in a constant state of change at the moment and uncertainty is rife but we must hold on to the fact that Jesus is with us, holding our hand and carrying us if needed. He is our rock and shepherd, walking with us through dark pastures towards the safety of the light. So, this Autumn, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and step out safely and confidently knowing that we are in His care.

[From The Record, October 2020]

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