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Dear Friends.......

It is now a year since Rev George Watt left Reigate Park Church to take up his

appointment as Moderator of the North Thames Synod. So, how have things

been at Reigate Church in that year?

Well, to start with, most if not all COVID19 restrictions have been lifted and this has meant that we have seen some folk, who had been keeping safe at home, return to church. It was lovely to welcome them back.

It is always interesting when we are faced with new people taking services. If we haven’t seen them before we wait in anticipation for their message and the style of their delivery. If it is an old and trusted friend we are delighted to welcome them back and to hear what they have to say. The Elders have also taken two services, with the third due on 1st May. This has been quite a task for those of us who had not embarked on this challenge before, but I think I can speak for those who have taken part so far that we have enjoyed this challenge and learnt a lot from it. We also have a service taken by the members of Junior Church to look forward to in June.

Easter Sunday was a wonderful occasion with two Baptisms and a much fuller church singing their hearts out. Everyone received a cross decorated with a flower, enjoyed Hot Cross Buns with coffee and tea after the service and had the chance to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt. There is another Baptism happening soon as well as four new people hoping to join the membership. So the spirit is working within the church.

During Lent Sue Knight lead a discussion group based on Holy Habits. This has been rewarding for those who attended and there is a probability that a similar series of meetings will take place in the future. Do give this a try if you’ve not done so before.

What would now be really good is if we could organise one or two social events which would appeal to everyone so we could really get to know each other again after two years or more when this was not possible. If you have any suggestions the Social and Fundraising Group would love to hear from you, and would be even more delighted if you felt you could take on the role of Convenor. This does not mean organising everything, just getting the group together occasionally to talk about what we could do.

So - a year on we are in good heart and looking forward to what is to come. A new minister eventually, and the Vacancy Committee and the Interim Moderator are working on that, and getting to know each other better and grow the worship and mission of Reigate Park Church.

Alleluia Christ has risen. He has risen indeed.

Taken from the May Edition of The Record

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