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Dear Friends........

On 12th September, Sue opened the service with words about our late Queen, Elizabeth II, and included those which had been written by a URC minister, Rev Dominic Grant, formerly of Southern Synod. They could be sung to the tune Thaxted (I vow to thee, my country), but they work well as a spoken eulogy, too:

We stand to mourn a Sovereign And as we mark a passing

A nation’s guide and friend Of sceptre, orb and throne

Who through long years of tumult We’ll find in her compassion

Was faithful to the end. A pattern for our own:

We offer our thanksgiving That all who stand in mourning,

For all that she instilled: Or languish now in fear,

Her constancy of service, May know again your promise

Her lifetime’s vow fulfilled. To wipe away each tear.

Now from this world departed – With her we’ll join in witness,

Though never from our hearts – Christ’s mercies our refrain:

Receive her in the peace, Lord, Great Sovereign of the nations,

Your love alone imparts. Eternal is your reign.

In this time of national sorrow, my message to our late Queen echoes that of so many others. Quite simply:

Thank you, ma’am, for the years of service, for the example of your faith and for your quiet dignity at all times.

Taken from the October edition of The Record

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