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Dear Friends........

Welcome to the 1000th issue of The Record. One thousand is a big number in so many ways: 1000 pounds, words, memories, steps, lengths of a swimming pool, miles to cycle maybe! The list is endless. What 1000 does represent, is a lot. And in our case, a lot of words, news, information shared, and for that we are very thankful to all of our Editors over time.

A special thank you to our current Editor, thank you Jill Day for all your hard work to edit The Record which allows us all to share news and information about life at Reigate Park Church. It is a vital source of communication and very much appreciated. On the very few occasions there has been a gap in Editors, The Record has been deeply missed. It pulls us all together and has done so for many years. It is easy to contribute to the content and everyone is welcome to send in some news. Having spent my entire life connected to this church only, I can remember many copies over the years but not all 1000!!!

Having Googled mentions of 1000 in reference to the Bible, amongst other things the following was relayed:

· It is a symbol of multitude.

· It evokes a very long time according to the Bible. ...

· The Fathers of the Church saw in the number 1000 "the totality of the generations and the perfection of the life".

· It has a paradisiac meaning: it is the immortality of the happiness.

· According to the Talmudic tradition, thousand is the symbol of the imperishable doctrine.

Now there are a few words there that I have no idea what they mean, I have a feeling I should know and I will find out (as I guess some of you will do too!) but the underlying message to me is that 1000 of anything is something to commend and be proud of.

The Record relays good news, sad news, exciting news and sometimes some very interesting facts. It is a vital link between us all and for those unable to attend Sunday services for many reasons and for those who now no longer live in the area, a vital link to life at RPC and keeping you informed and in the picture.

I always welcome its arrival and look forward to catching up with news.

Here’s to the next 1000 issues.

Taken from the November edition of The Record

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