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Dear Friends ...

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

As I sat in my study on the 16th October thinking about what to write for the November Record, a news flash came up informing me that Christmas is in 10 weeks. In fact, 10 weeks today is Christmas Day! My goodness, where has that year gone? But also what has happened in that year! If we go back one year, who would have guessed what would happen?

When “Lockdown” hit us in March, those of us who could took up new pastimes and pursuits such as walking, knitting, cooking etc. Those who started walking each day discovered more of the world around them, appreciating God’s creation in ways we had never thought of. We heard the bird songs because of the lack of planes flying over. We have been far more aware of the seasons when we enjoyed a long period of good weather in the summer.

Now, as the days draw in, some may be feeling more isolated; so if you can, pick up the phone and chat to someone who lives alone or who is going through a tough time. A friendly voice and a listening ear can mean so much.

Some of us have taken up knitting – I’m very proud of the two cardigans I’ve knitted! And of course a lot of us have been doing more cooking especially the bread, cakes and biscuits which have not helped our waistlines at all. And finally where would we have been without Zoom to keep in touch and hold our regular meetings. For most of us it has been a very steep learning curve to get our heads around the IT to make these things work.

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, we still have a long way to go but we can rest assured that we are not alone. There is always someone there walking alongside us, giving us the strength to carry on and get through these difficult times. Our Lord Jesus Christ assured us that He would always walk alongside us and in Hebrews 13 we read, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you”.

[From The Record, November 2020]

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