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Dear Friends ...

Updated: Aug 31

To me, September is the beginning of another year. ( I work in a school.) And because there is no Record in August, it feels like the start of another cycle of this magazine too.

Later in the issue you will see a plea from Sue Knight for helpers in various roles around the church. I would also like to add a plea for contributors to this Dear Friends slot in The Record. It would be very nice to have some new voices sharing their thoughts. There is no right or wrong format or topic, just a willingness to share with the church family your thoughts on life, the universe or anything….

If a Dear Friends is too daunting, how about using The Record to tell others about any groups you belong to, or news you wish to share, or ambitions you have that others might share or be able to support?

The Record is distributed to members and regular attendees of Reigate Park Church, so you know the audience is comprised of like-minded, supportive individuals. If you feel you would like to talk about any ideas you have, I would be most happy to hear from you.

Now that we are in a time of Vacancy, it is perhaps more important than ever that we talk and share and support each other. The Record is one way we can do that.

[From The Record, September 2021]

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