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Dear Friends ...

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

As we move into December we may think, “What a year it’s been!” Perhaps it’s a time to look over your year, seeing what you’ve achieved, what you want to hold onto and what you want to let go of to make way for the new!

Memories can be wonderful things and can give you a great boost when you look at everything that’s happened.

As human beings we’re always striving for more. It’s funny really, it never stops, and we tend to get blind to it. Once you’ve got the dream partner or a career going, you’re onto the next thing. But it’s important to slow down and reflect, take some time out!

For the world in general, and also here at Reigate Park, this has been a year like no other. It started with the continuation of the COVID Pandemic and then, in May, still with Covid restrictions in place, George led his last service at Reigate Park and moved on to be Moderator of Thames North Synod. We have had to get used to not having a Minister and also the prospect, following our Moderator’s letter, of not having one anytime soon.

But on to the positives! A lot has been achieved this year and we need to hold onto those achievements and know that God knows us and has planned it all this way.

I tend to be very impatient, always putting a lot of pressure on myself to do more. So looking back is a great way to see how far I’ve come.

November and December, we may be feeling restless, knowing we’re being called to the next level and something is being birthed. We’re just not quite sure what yet…

So, take this last month of the year to review and reflect and see how far you’ve come.

Take fifteen minutes to yourself; maybe light a candle and write down everything you’ve gone through and achieved. Those of us who take pictures on our phones could scroll through our pictures and jog our memories.

I bet you’ve come a lot further than you thought!

May the light of Christ shine in your darkness this Christmas.

[From The Record, December 2021 / JAnuary 2022]

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