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Dear Friends.........

As you may be aware, I don’t like computers very much but they have become a necessary EVIL in our modern day life. But as personal contact has had to go on the back burner, even I have to admit it has had its uses!

We have had to communicate and keep in contact by using it. Zoom meetings and coffee mornings; streaming the Sunday Services; the weekly news and this magazine are more widely distributed by email.

However…....... most of this communication is one way: US to you. We are missing the feedback from seeing you face to face and actually talking to you. I know that there is still some understandable hesitancy to be in large gatherings. The church is a large, airy place and is kept well ventilated and we have sorted out how to do this without cold gales blowing into it. Masks may not be mandatory but if you are more comfortable wearing one that’s fine.

Now, more on how to help us spread the word by using the dreaded computer. If you are on Facebook then you will get a message telling you about the up-and-coming service. Please share this with your friends. You never know, they might be interested! The other way you can let us know you are still alive and kicking is if you watch the service online please tick hopefully the thumbs up to let us know you enjoyed and got something from it. There is also the ability to put comments in. We would love to know who is watching so even if the comment is just your name/s that would mean a lot to us.

Finally, if you have skills using computer systems WE NEED YOU! I hate to say it as a person challenged in the use of computers, but we need ideas as to how to get the most from them - to spread the word and to communicate God’s love.

Taken from the March Edition of the Record.

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