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Junior Church BBQ

Reigate Park Church's Junior Church members came together for an unforgettable evening of food, games, and fellowship at their recent BBQ event on Friday 8th September. With 25 enthusiastic participants in attendance, the night was a resounding success, filled with laughter and memorable moments.

A Delicious Feast

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the incredible spread of food. From sizzling burgers and hotdogs to an array of delicious sides and desserts, the BBQ served up a great feast that satisfied everyone's taste buds. It was a true celebration of good food and even better company.

Games Galore

Fun and games were the order of the night, and the Junior Church members did not disappoint. Jenga towers soared to impressive heights before crashing down, causing fits of laughter. A spirited game of football saw some impressive skills on display, with everyone joining in the action. And for those who preferred a more relaxing pastime, the swings provided a peaceful escape under the starry night sky.

Building Friendships

The Junior Church BBQ was not just about the food and games; it was also an opportunity for the young members of Reigate Park Church to strengthen their bonds and create lasting memories. Friendships were forged and strengthened as they laughed, played, and enjoyed each other's company. It was a night that brought the community closer together.

A Night to Remember

As the night came to a close, it was clear that the Junior Church BBQ had been a resounding success. With full stomachs, happy hearts, and a sense of togetherness, the attendees left with a feeling of gratitude for the wonderful evening.

We look forward to more such gatherings in the future and are grateful for all that the Junior Church members bring to Reigate Park Church.



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