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Parade Sunday - "Go and do likewise"

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

On 26th March at 10am our All Age Parade service is entitled “Go and do likewise.” It has been planned and will be led by the Junior Church at RPC.

We spent several weeks looking at the story of the Good Samaritan and how to be a good neighbour. We explored the theme of compassion and generosity to all and paying an act of kindness forward.

The service will include readings, prayers, drama, and mime all led by Junior Church. As it is a Parade service, children and young people from our uniformed organisations will also support us by leading prayers and reading.

A highlight of the service will be the fact that five of our children and young people are confident enough to sing a solo to ‘Make me a Channel of your Peace.’

The children’s ability to lead their own service is a testament to the fact that they are used to actively taking part in worship at RPC and feel valued and appreciated by our whole church family.

Whilst this service is not being live streamed or filmed at all, it would be fantastic to see as many people at the service as possible.



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